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Power washing (also known as pressure washing) is an important property upkeep service you will need to think about doing on a schedule to keep buildings, drive ways and car parking lots risk-free and appealing. Pressure washing is by far the easiest and most cost effective thing to do if you are a property owner who wants to clean their home or business of the grit and grime that had piles on over the years.. This is the best way to get rid of dust, and dirt, mold and mildew, as well as those nasty bird droppings. We also advise power washing a property if you are getting ready to coloring. Old acrylic and latex paints tend to get a chalky residue after years of being in the weather. By removing this layer of funk, the new paint you might be planning to apply, will stick to it much better without flaking or peeling in the coming months and years. The surfaces that can be best power washed are granite, concrete, pavement, wood, brick, stone and aluminum sidings. We advise against using this process to wash hardboard because they can be easily damaged due to their delicate nature.

What are the four components that make up the process of power washing?

There are a number of elements utilized in the power washing process: they are, stress, the rate of the flow of water, detergents or cleaning solution, and heat. If one of these components change or are missing, the complete cleaning traits change. For example, if you choose to make use of a cold tap water instead of employing hot water, you’ll have to add more chemicals, apply higher pressure or use much more water to attain similar final results.

power washing

power washing

What is the part that the liquids play?

Detergents are the emulsifier that will break down the particular dirt much better and quicker as the temperature increases. The hotter the water used, the more quickly contaminants and debris are broken down for removal. This is of great importance if you are trying to remove an oily residue or grease and grime that has collected on a concrete surface. It takes a strong detergent mixed in with the water to break down the oil or grease.

How does power washing function?

It’s the pressure of the hot or coldwater and detergent mixed together and forced through the pressure hose that blows apart what holds the dirt to the surface. The more power you have the faster the job is done and cleaner the surface will be. This is particularly evident when working with that is caked with mud as hard as adobe or that nasty road black.

Note: There are numerous variables that will also affect the outcome of the process. You have to factor in the weather conditions, the size of the job, the angles of the surfaces to be washed and the skill level of the operator. The overall durability of the area to be power washed is important to since it determines how much pressure per minute can be applied.
power washing
power washing

What are some terms to know?

  • Gallons per Minute (GPM) The harder the gallons per minute being expelled result in a diminished cleaning time. Be sure to ask your prospective contractor exactly what is the GPM rate they will use on your undertaking.
  • Pounds per Square Inch (Pounds per square inch) are a rating code to look for the strength in the power washing machine. The greater the amount, the more robust the water stream can clear. For example: to properly clean any concrete garage, we recommend using at the very least 3000 Pounds per square inch.
  • Pressure Washer Hose Pipe. A wire-braid ruthless hose can be rated as much as 4500 PSI. This line is normally dull in color and may be used readily on any kind of surface with no worries involving possibly departing marks around the property surfaces.
power washing
power washing

Below are great tips for power washing a parking lot or driveway:

  • You definitely want to pick a good weather day to do power washing.
  • Keep the area with out intruders and interference.
  • You will want to schedule the treatment to be completed just before dark. Your site will have time to dry and cure before the next day.
  • Clear the area to be washed of trash, or garbage bins or any other obstacles that may impede the flow of the power stream.
  • Make sure all litter and leaves are picked up and the area has been swept clean of loose dirt and soil.
  • A pre-treatment or degreaser might be recommended for exceedingly large as well as dirty locations.
  • Soaking the entire driveway with a cleaning solution for 5-10 minutes is strongly advised.
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